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Do you want the knowledge to meet the challenges you face over the coming years?

The marked increase in environmental legislation presents tangible challenges, but also unique opportunities for those who stay ahead of the game.

We provide training on a broad range of topics relating to environmental governance, including specific sectors, such as circular economy and biodiversity and cross-cutting legal issues such as liability or enforcement. Our workshops are practical and hands-on to ensure skill development, training, and collaborative learning. Our trainings can be tailored to legal and non-legal staff. 

What we do

Your situation is as unique as your company and you want more than general input? Here are our tailor-made trainings, based on your company configuration and challenges:
Or do you need the general insight first, to get a deep dive into an expert topic? You can also book us for the following standard training sessions, designed to provide you with the nuts & bolts of different areas of environmental and economic governance:

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